At SoCal Sewer Construction our technicians come fully certified and licensed to perform the work that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them!

We offer services as a C-36 plumbing contractor, a license which entails, requires, and therefore implies the following:

We are professionally qualified and certified to provide a means for the supply of safe running water. We ensure ample volume and suitable temperature for the purpose intended and the proper disposal of fluid waste from the premises in all structures and fixed works. It’s what we specialize in, after all.

C-36 classification

  • Complete removal of waste from residential or commercial premises as well as the construction, connection, and repair and maintenance of on-site waste disposal systems.
  • Piping, storage tanks and venting installation and repair for safe and adequate supply of liquids and gases which meet any purpose, including vacuum, compressed air and gases — which can be applicable in residential and commercial property (for instance, medical, dental, and industrial) uses.
  • Water and gas piping service, installation, and repair — from the property owner’s side of the utility meter.
  • Service on all gas appliances, connections, and flues — true for all systems, including (but not limited to) suspended space heating units. However, forced warm air units are NOT included.
  • Hot water equipment installation, or fluids for the purposes listed — this also includes installation of solar equipment for such purposes.

A C-36 plumbing contractor is also able to perform routine maintenance, repair, and replacement of all items described above, as well as all implied health and safety devices therein (for instance, gas control valves, earthquake valves, regulation valves, backflow preventers, and water conditioning equipment).

What to do if You Need a Plumbing Contractor Near You

You might need a plumbing installation consultation, or you might even just be in need of routine maintenance for your plumbing. Either way, it’s a great idea (and will save you hard-earned money) to stay on top of your sanitation system maintenance plan, because problems always come about at the most inopportune times.

In those types of situations SoCal Sewer Construction is simply the best. We make ourselves available 24/7 for your convenience. We provide wide-reaching plumbing contractor services and we’re quickly able to diagnose and treat any problem.

We have a team with decades of combined experience that we take with us to every job. We’ll get your plumbing maintenance, repair, and installation done right the first time around. And we’ll always let you know how much we appreciate your business.

You may have more than one option when it comes to experienced plumbing contractors in Long Beach, CA, but you’ll always be happy when you choose SoCal Sewer Construction. We’ll take care of you from moment #1. Call today to schedule your consultation with the community’s #1 experienced plumbing contractor.

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