Whole House Repipes

When we talk about whole house repiping, we mean replacing a home’s entire plumbing system with a brand-new one. Why would it be necessary to do this? Some houses experience a massive plumbing issue that can’t be fixed, requiring the replacement of all the pipes. In other cases, it is discovered that the house contains unsafe piping materials, such as lead—this frequently happens with very old homes. 

Repiping an entire house is an important undertaking that should be left to experienced professionals. Residents of Los Angeles and Orange counties can call SoCal Sewer and Water for dependable repiping service.

It typically takes anywhere from a few days to a week for a whole house repiping, depending on the complexity of the project. Before we begin, we’ll ensure that you understand the scope of what needs to be done and what kinds of pipes will be installed in your house.

You can contact SoCal Sewer and Water 24 hours a day to schedule your whole house repiping appointment.


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