For customers who need main line cleaning services in Long Beach, CA, look no further than SoCal Sewer Construction — we blend tried-and-true techniques with industry-leading technology! A sewer/waste disposal system is one of the last things most people think about it. If it works, it works, right? The times we think about our sewer system is when it starts to malfunction, which can come in the form of leaks, clogs, back-ups, and more.

Who Needs a Main Line Cleaning?

SoCal Sewer Construction gets a lot of customers who experience frequent drain clogs and persistent slow draining sinks and drains. These sorts of blockages in the sewer line can occur from tree roots, sludge, or whatever else gets in the pipes. The end result? Nasty clogs that can even get backed all the way up to inside of the home. Honestly, who wants to experience that?

That’s why a main line cleaning is a smart choice for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. You don’t want what starts out as a small problem to become a full-on epidemic.

How Do Drain Lines Work?

There is generally a basic path to a typical home’s drain line and sewer plumbing — some key parts actually do not carry water at all, only air to facilitate optimum venting. Drain pipes need to be connected to a strong network of ventilation pipes that exhaust through the roof, preventing sewer gases from drifting into your living quarters, creating an uncomfortable experience.

Performing routine main line maintenance is crucial to avoiding costly repairs and replacements down the road. SoCal Sewer Services utilizes video camera sewer inspection to get an up-close and personal look at your main line and sewer system. We provide expert diagnosis and prompt service to avoid or treat sewer problems in advance of (or even before!) their arrival.

Don’t Wait to Get a Main Line Cleaning!

Although a main sewer line clog might not create immediate threats, it’s important to deal with them promptly. It’s crucial (whether you’re a homeowner, a resident, or a business owner) that any issues are addressed as quickly as possible to avoid disaster.

You don’t want to experience the consequences that come from a backed-up sewer line, which can result in toilet waste draining into your sinks and tubs instead of exiting the house in a civilized fashion.

Contact SoCal Sewer Construction today; we’re your full service sewer repair and replacement company specializing in sewer systems and underground utilities. We’ve crafted a unique approach to our trade, combining old school methodologies with cutting edge technologies, helping us swiftly identify and solve all of our customers’ sewer problems. Call today and we’ll come assess the situation. We’ll get your home or business up and running again.

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