“Sewage disposal system” is a general term referring to a method of disposing sewage other than through a municipal sewer system. For many properties, especially in rural areas, it may be more practical to use an on-site sewage disposal system because running a sewer line to that location may be impractical or expensive.

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Septic Tanks and Alternative Sewage Disposal Methods

Normally, the best alternative to flushing waste away from your property through a sewer is a septic tank. This is a specially designed container made of durable concrete, fiberglass, or plastic that collects sewage, which is digested and cleansed by bacteria. The remaining material is called effluent, and it is mostly water.

Effluent is disposed of via a drain field connected to the septic tank. This allows the water in the effluent to evaporate, and other organic materials to decompose and be absorbed into the soil.

Some septic systems may have modifications or additions to this basic design:

  • Pumping Stations: Septic systems should work by gravity if possible. But if the septic tank or drainfield must be at a higher elevation than the property, electric pumps are required to move waste and effluent through the system.
  • Lagoons: In rural areas where houses are spaced at least a quarter mile from each other, an open-air pool of water can fulfill the same function as a drainfield. It should be fenced to prevent children or animals drinking the effluent.
  • Multiple Drainfields: If there is enough room on the property, a valve can channel effluent into multiple drainfields. One is used for 1-2 years while the other recovers. This setup ensures redundancy in case of problems.
  • Holding Tanks: Finally, if neither a sewer nor septic system is practical, wastewater can be collected in a large tank and pumped frequently. Holding tanks fill quickly, so the property owner should conserve water as much as possible.

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