Sewer line repair and maintenance is an essential aspect of property management, whether we’re talking about a residential or commercial property alike.

Sure, none of us really want to think about our sewer lines — we just prefer they stay up and working at optimum capacity at all times. But, in reality, our sewer systems are often complex avenues that require routine care and repair to stay working well.

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What Happens When You Fail to Stay on Top of Sewer Line Repair?

Failure to stay on top of maintenance, not to mention repairing mishaps and damage as it occurs, can often result in unseemly odors, blockages, back-ups, flooding, and create unsafe and unclean environments — which, for both living and working spaces, is nothing short of unacceptable. On top of that, it can really run up your utility bill if your sewer line is running anything but free and clear.

Sewer Line Blockages in Long Beach Can and Will Occur

Your main sewer line in Long Beach, CA can become blocked by debris, even by invasive tree roots. We use specialized tools (and not just drain snakes, either!) like high pressure water jets to blast your main drain line free and clear of debris and unwanted clogs.

SoCal Sewer Services offers sewer line repair services and we’re available to talk 24/7, ready to answer any needs you have and address any sewer system problems that occur.

All-Encompassing Sewer Line Repair Services

We install, repair, and replace sewer lines, storm drains, cleanouts, clarifiers, backflow valves, and more. We also install and repair underground utilities.

SoCal Sewer Services combines traditional methods with cutting edge technologies. We provide CCTV camera diagnosis and perform emergency service calls for customer convenience. We’re able to promptly diagnose and address any sewer system malfunction you’re experiencing. We can also provide sewer line installations on new properties or on complete overhaul projects.

SoCal Sewer Services has all the permitting necessary to work in the public right of way and we have are C-42, C-36 and A Licensed in the State of California.

Headquartered in Long Beach, We Proudly Serve All Cities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

SoCal Sewer Construction, Inc. has the capabilities and experience to solve
all of your sewer problems no matter where they lie.

  • We Also Provide 24/7 Emergency Services!