Gas Leak Detection in Los Angeles

Plumber filling pipes with pressurized air to inspect for leaks in new heating system installation.

Gas Leaks Should Be Handled Quickly and Efficiently 

A gas leak can be very dangerous to the health of individuals in the immediate area. Not only can it sicken people, it also poses a serious fire hazard by filling interior rooms with flammable gas. To make matters worse, many leaks go undetected until serious issues arise. If you think you might have a gas leak, don’t hesitate to call SoCal Sewer and Water. We serve businesses and homeowners in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Common signs of a gas leak include:

  • -A hissing sound from a gas line or appliance
  • -Dizziness or headaches
  • -“Rotten egg” odor in the air (this is actually mercaptan, which is added to natural gas for detection purposes)
  • –Houseplants suddenly dying for no apparent reason
  • -Increased gas bills

Call SoCal Sewer and Water any time for gas leak detection services. 24/7 emergency service is available. We serve all cities in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

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