Septic Tank Inspections, Repair, & Installation

Septic tanks are large watertight containers used to process wastewater for homes that are not attached to a city’s sewage line. They’re usually installed underground about fifty yards from the house. As you might expect, a problem with the septic tank can lead to serious consequences for your household. Common symptoms of a malfunctioning septic tank include:

  • Slow-draining sinks, shower, or bathtub
  • Sewage backing up into the house
  • "Gurgling" noises from the plumbing             
  • Bad odors around the septic tank      
  • Damp areas around the septic tank    

Ideally, you should get your septic tank inspected at least once every three years. You can count on SoCal Sewer and Water for septic tank inspection services that can pinpoint issues in the early stages, before real problems develop. If your septic tank is already in poor shape, we’ll figure out what’s wrong with it and make all necessary repairs. We can also perform full septic system installations.

Residential and commercial customers in Los Angeles County and Orange County can contact SoCal Sewer and Water 24 hours a day for experienced septic tank inspection, repair, and installation service.

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