Sewer System Repair

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The sewer system at your home, business, or commercial space often goes overlooked – until a problem is staring you right in the face. Maintain and repair your system today to get ahead of major problems that could be right around the corner.

Why Your Sewer System Is Important

Having an adequate sewer system isn’t just a necessity, it’s a responsibility! Adequately-running sewer systems play vital roles in disease prevention and sanitation.

Here Are A Few Tell-Tale Signs Your Sewer Is In Need Of Service Or Repair:


Bad Odor

Sanitary sewers will be air-tight (with the exception of vent stacks). If you’re experiencing any sewer odors, there could be a crack or clog somewhere in the line.

Faulty Draining

If your drain slows, this is a sign that a blockage has started to accumulate, leading to larger clogs and sewage backups. If your sink, bathtub, or toilet takes a while to drain, it’s important to address the issue in its early stages.

Soggy Spots on the Lawn

Undetected leaks in the sewer line will start to yield soggy, raised patches in the yard. This comes as a result of water gathering underneath the lawn surface.

Septic Waste Pools

This one is undeniable. A broken sewer pipe will result in septic wastewater pools forming in the yard. This could be a broken main line, broken septic tank, or even a clogged drain field.

A broken sewer line is something you don’t want to experience. But it happens.

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