Rooter Services

Fast, committed plumbers always on call.

With over 25 years as a family-owned plumbing company, we’ve separated ourselves from the competition in Long Beach by combining traditional values with next-level techniques. See why we have the most 5 star reviews for rooter services in the area.

What Is Rooter Service?

The term “rooter service” refers to the use of various tools and equipment, such as a rooter, to perform plumbing repairs, both commercial and residential. A rooter, on the other hand, is a specialized plumbing machine that bursts through and thoroughly clears out unreachable debris from drains and sewer lines.

Rooter repairs include the unclogging of drains and sewer lines, as mentioned above, but also refers to the removal of tree roots that have grown into cracks and gaps in your water pipe system, thus the origin of the word “rooter”.

Having trees on your property is great; trees are beautiful, they provide shade, and they clean the air. However, they are also part of nature and often times damage underground pipes.

Tree roots are efficient natural machines for seeking out water in the soil. This means that sewer lines and drains are tempting reservoirs. Although sewer pipes are strong, thick, and durable- especially if they’re made of metal- over time, corrosion can cause cracks that roots can slip through and widen.

The problem is not the water that the root is absorbing. Rather, it is the blockage that the root can cause, which can then affect every drain in your home. Tree roots are difficult or impossible for most property owners to remove on their own without professional help. That’s where SoCal Sewer and Waters’ best rooter service comes in.

How Often Do I Need Rooter Service?

To ensure that there is little-to-no-damage to your property’s sewer lines, our customers have found that calling our 24/7 on-call team of rooter experts to perform specialized rooter services once a year is best.

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