Hydro-Jetting or Snaking?

Hydro-jetting is a high-pressure cleaning of your sewer system, blasting away any residual sludge or roots growing in the pipe. Hydro-jetting can clean the sewer line while lessening the chances of any main line stoppages or future issues to arise. We utilize cutting-edge sewer cleaning processes like hydro-jetting, which involve using a low volume of water (about 18 gallons per minute) under extremely high pressure (up to 4,000 PSI) to scour the pipe walls of your waste disposal system. Not all pipes can handle the high pressure of the hydro-jetting. Such pipes may benefit from a more common drain snaking.

Snaking Option: A drain auger or “snake” is a long, flexible coil that we use to unclog drains when they are backed up with said blockages, be it paper towels or roots. The snake gets pushed through the pipe and either carves a hole through the middle of or twists around the blockage allowing passage through the pipe once again.

Please note that snaking is not always the best method as it may allow for reoccurring backups and issues. Depending on the cause of the blockage and health of your sewer pipes will determine which drain cleaning option is best for your situation.

What Causes Blockages?

Blockages can occur when foreign objects are flushed down the toilet, (such as: “Flushable wipes”, baby wipes, sanitary pads or tampons, kitty litter, paper towels, etc.) or when grease, oil, soap, and hair are washed down the drain. And many times, blockages are caused by root intrusion from trees on the property. All of which gather inside the pipe and act as precursors to nasty, recurring sewer clogs.

Regardless of the type of blockage you may be experiencing, SoCal Sewer Construction, Inc. has the know-how and the manpower to get your sewer system back on track and running smoothly.

Maintenance Plans

Build ups / Blockages might be inevitable but with the right maintenance plan SoCal Sewer Construction, Inc. will help stay on top of it. We offer maintenance plans for homeowners, business owners, and property management companies alike. Whether you manage residential or commercial properties we have plans to suit your needs.

So, When Is It Time To Repair Or Perform Sewer Maintenance?

There are more than a few ways to tell if there’s something rotten in Denmark — oh, not a big Shakespeare person? Denmark, in this case, is your sewer line.

What SoCal Sewer Construction Can Do For You

We provide both traditional and trenchless sewer repair options for you to choose from, when possible. As a full-service company, we take care of it all. We are licensed to work in the public right of way and have the capabilities to fix the problem the right way the first time, every time.

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SoCal Sewer Construction, Inc. has the capabilities and experience to solve
all of your sewer problems no matter where they lie.

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